Get Sh!t Done:
How To Transform Yourself Into A Productive CEO
without Stress, Overwhelm or Burnout in 2020.
5 Day Challenge reveals:
How you can be more productive without the stress, overwhelm or burnout.
I'll share the 'Core 5' Productivity System I use to help bold and ambitious CEO coaches, consultants, & entrepreneurs like you reach Peak Performance in their businesses.
challenge starts: Sunday 16th February 2020


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You'll learn
Why You Get Overwhelmed in the first place. 

Learn how to measure your overwhelm and how to reduce it so you can regain control quickly in stressful situations.

3 Real Reasons You Procrastinate (and no, its' not because you're lazy.)

You'll take away practical, easy-to-implement tips for taming your procrastination gremlins so you achieve more in your day. 

The 5 Core Areas you'll need to  master to achieve Peak Performance in your business.

I'll share the 'Core 5' Productivity System I use to help bold &  ambitious CEO coaches, consultants, & entrepreneurs like you reach Peak Performance in their business and personal lives.

obehi alofoje
Psychologist & 
Business Productivity Coach
About your Host
Obehi Alofoje is a psychologist, stress management specialist and productivity coach who helps millennial professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs overcome stress, overwhelm, procrastination and burnout. She has worked with over 600 clients in her practice to help them overcome self-sabotaging and unhelpful mindset and behaviours. She teaches simple but practical productivity and mental wellbeing strategies to get things done, without the overwhelm or burnout, so that they can have successful lives and businesses that they desire. 

Following the personal trauma of three family bereavements, and overcoming professional burnout herself, Obehi uses her psychology and coaching skills in an impactful way to help other people build the inner resilience that would enable them to ride through any adversity. 

She believes that everyone has the right to a fulfilling life, where they realise their own potential, can work productively, and make a positive contribution to their community. She also shares her productivity and work-life balance expertise worldwide as a contributor to Psychology Today online.

When Obehi's not helping people run their world, she’s travelling the world, one corner at a time, sampling mouthfuls of yummy local cuisines. Oh, and she's a huge Game of Thrones fan!

Disclaimer - This challenge is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to improving your personal productivity.
Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of focus and dedication is involved. We do not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. At the end of the challenge, a program will be offered for purchase.
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